• Image of Traditional Magical Incense (assorted scents)

These all natural incense sticks come 10 to a pack, and are scented purely with essential oils and plant tinctures. When applicable, they are made on the proper astrological dates, times, events, days of the week, full/new moons or sabbats (depending on the intent and purpose). For Deeper descriptions of the Planetary and Sabbat (Blot) oils, please visit the main listings.
Tincturing materials subject to variation.

Thieves: A traditonal ward against cold or flu. Banishes negative influences and purifies the air. Rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus

VanVan: A New Orleans Voodoo/hoodoo staple, an all purpose luck and prosperity blend based upon the magic of the vervain plant. Potentiated with the tropical grasses lemongrass, citronella, palmarosa, vetiver, and magnetite essence.

KRAMPUS (seasonal): Germanic Florida water; pfeffernuss spice, evergreen, yarrow, juniper

Samhain: Patchouli, Absinthe, black licorice, orange candy, spice, cacao

Mabon: Whiskey + Ginger, oak, autumn spice, labdanum

Yule: (seasonal) Peppermint, Balsam of peru, evergreen, Nutmeg, Spice

Moon: Mugwort, ylang ylang, jasmine, myrrh

Sun: Lemon, tangerine, cinnamon, juniper, rosemary

Mars: Basil, ginger, pine, balsam fir, pepper

Venus: Rose geranium, ylang ylang, cardamom, patchouli

Mercury: Peppermint, lavender, bergamot, lemongrass

Saturn: Patchouli, vetiver, sage, myrrh

Jupiter: Grapefruit, clove, labdanum, oakmoss

Uranus: Coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg

Neptune: Cedarwood, ylang ylang, wildflower, seaweed

Pluto: Rose, anise, black pepper, clove

Earth: Birch, pine, fir, cepes, patchouli, cedar

Water: Seashell, neroli, petitgrain, mugwort

Fire: Black pepper, ylang ylang, cardamom, smoke

Air: Palo santo, peppermint, sage, lavender

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