• Image of Sagittarius Anointing Oil (Stinging Nettle, Sage, Spikenard, Juniper)

The ZODIAC ANOINTING series are intense layered natural perfumes in celebration of the constellations and their role in the plant kingdom, formulated to be rich and long lasting. SAGITTARIUS representing the archer, wild and free, and wanderlust. The scent of nature untamed; a moonlit desert night, with illuminated sagebrush gleaming under the stars, wild dusty winds and aromatic roots. All manner of landscape plants make up this creation, inspired by the botany of the West.

This scent evokes the day turning to night over a vast canyon, tumbleweeds, native plants creating a unique melange perfume. It is wild, camphorous, nostalgic and as invigorating as it is comforting. Not intended to mask natural body smells like artificial perfumes, these blends work with, rather than against your chemistry to create a unique aroma for each individual. FEATURED NOTES: Pinyon pine, spikenard, stinging nettle, sagebrush, artemisia

Each oil is crafted with intent in small batches on astrologically corresponding days or events.

10ml black glass bottle with steel roller ball, all natural essential oil blend in a jojoba base. (Essential oils are not recommended for the pregnant or nursing, and never to be taken internally. Although rare, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Volatile oils may discolor clothing or oxidize jewelry)